If one of the parties to the agreement violates the contract or if part of the contract fails, the engineering contract should describe how to deal with such an event. The Phase I and Phase II engineering services agreement provides that Fagen Engineering can begin work on Phase I and Phase II of the project, as outlined in this paper. Dr. Jack Gordon, Chief Technology Officer at Strontium Logistics, is a 20-year veteran of engineering and marketing that focuses on hard drinks, good debates and the development of innovative digital marketing strategies to help businesses grow. Contracts are agreements in which a person or company accepts certain conditions that can be applied legally. In a contract, responsibilities and obligations are described and agreed upon by both parties. An agreement between two parties, so that it is legally applicable and must be accepted. The engineering contracts cover four specific issues of an agreement between an engineer and the company for which they will work on a project. Lump-sum contracts have a fixed price for the work promised and this price can only change as part of a series of modifications.

In order for an amendment order to be executed, the contractor and contractor must determine additional work and require additional payment or remove some of the work originally agreed upon and agree on a lower payment. If the client and the contractor have agreed on a clear vision and a timetable for the project, a lump sum contract will likely work well for their agreement. Engineering contracts generally contain termination clauses. These types of clauses determine how and why the contractor or client can terminate the contract. Engineering contracts are legal agreements between a company and an engineering company in which the promised services are detailed and paid for these services. Read the contracts for 3 minutes make sure the products and services are paid on time. An engineering contract should describe when, by whom and how much payments are received, as well as instructions for billing.