purchase Pregabalin Send a friend $20 Airbnb credit. You’ll get $20 when they travel and $80 when they host.

Mahrīz When your friend completes their first qualifying reservation, you’ll earn travel credit to use for your own Airbnb travels. You’ll receive your travel credit after the departure date of your friend’s trip. A qualifying reservation typically has a total value of $75 or more, excluding guest fees and any taxes. can i buy clomid over the counter in south africa These amounts may vary during special promotional periods.

hieroglyphically For each person you refer, there are two opportunities to earn travel credit – first, when your friend completes a qualifying reservation as a guest, and second, when they complete a qualifying reservation as a host!

Your available travel credits automatically appear as a coupon on the checkout page of your reservation request. If the travel credits aren’t automatically added, it means the reservation does not qualify.