Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Terms

What is a Refer-a-Friend program?

Sarapul Refer-a-Friend program, also known as referral program or promotion, are a popular way for companies to reward current customers for bringing them new business. Usually, both parties benefit from the deal. The amount and nature of the rewards and benefits differ depending on the specific program.

Who is a Referrer?

The Triolet Referrer is a current customer of the Refer-a-Friend program provider, who usually receives a financial or other benefit in exchange for getting Referee to sign up through the Refer-a-Friend program. The Referee may in turn benefit from the promotion too.

Who is a Referee?

The spoonily Referee is a new customer at the Refer-a-Friend program provider. By becoming a participant in the promotion, the Referee may benefit financially or in other way by signing up as recommended by the Referrer.

What is a Referral Offer?

Most of the Refer-a-Friend programs provide information to the Referrer that needs to be sent to their Referees in order to participate in the program. Referrer may share this information on our site as a Referral Offer that is visible to any registered and unregistered visitors of Referral offers may be updated or deleted under your account pages.

What is a Referral Request?

Some Refer-a-Friend program requires Referrer to send personal invite to their Referees. For such promotions, is collecting the required information from Referees as a Referral Request. These requests may be visible to any registered user of who indicated that they are a current customer of the company. Referral requests may be updated or deleted under you account pages.



How to become a Referrer?

You need to be a registered member to be able to post your Referral Offers on Membership is free and you may delete your membership at any time.

Registered users may add their Referral Offer for the respective promotion by clicking on “Add My Offer” button. We usually provide detailed information on how to acquire your referral information from the program provider.

To keep our content fresh and up-to-date, we automatically disable Referral Offers after six (6) months or at the end of the Refer-a-Friend promotion (whichever occurs earlier). You can always re-activate your offers and you can update them at any time if your referral information has changed.

How to become a Referee?

Most of our Refer-a-Friend programs requires Referrer to post Referral information. You may take advantage of these Referral Offers without signing up as a registered member. However, some of our promotions requires Referee to submit a Referral Request. These programs are available only to our registered members. Remember, membership is free.

To become a Referee, simply click on “Get Referred”.

How my Referrer is selected when getting referred?

We implement a random method to pick a Referrer every time a visitor clicks on “Get Referred”.

I’m interested in a Refer-a-Friend program but I cannot find it on

Please contact us with the details of the promotion and we will add it to our site. Make sure you provide your email address so we can contact you if further details needed and let you know when it is added to our site.

How can I share my Referral Offer with my friends?

Once you’ve added your Referral Offer, you may email it to your friends or post it on Facebook or Twitter.

How to delete my membership?

You can delete your membership at any time from under your account pages. Alternatively, you may contact us.