Kokologo Once your friend subscribes to Hulu and is billed for their first monthly subscription fee after completing the Referral Offer, you will receive a Ten Dollar ($10) Visa® eGift Card (“Gift Card”). You will only receive Gift Cards for referring friends who are new or eligible returning subscribers (who have not subscribed or redeemed a free trial in the past twelve (12) months) and who become paying subscribers; if your friend cancels their subscription before completing their Referral Offer and/or being billed for their first monthly subscription fee, you will not receive a Gift Card. You must include your personal referral link in referral communications and your friends must subscribe by visiting that link via web or mobile web in order for you to earn rewards (and for friends to receive the Referral Offer). If your friend signs up through a third party and is billed through a third party for their Hulu subscription, you will not earn a Gift Card and your friend will not be eligible for the Referral Offer. Whenever you share your personal referral link in communications to friends, you must say that you are eligible to receive Gift Cards if they become paying subscribers of Hulu. Failure to disclose this information is a violation of these Terms and Conditions and Hulu may terminate you immediately from the Program, disqualify you from participating in the Program in the future and cause the forfeiture of any Gift Cards accrued but not yet paid.

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