You can also allow or reject outgoing wires and monitor wire activity in your accounts if you`re not at your desk via your smartphone. Post wire reports on your schedule and tailor them to your needs. Launch the cable electronically through the CEO®, Mobile CEO ® service or non-electronic channels. You can quickly process domestic and cross-border transfers on the same day and in the future in U.S. or local currencies and use real-time exchange rates. Optimize your A/P process, potentially reduce errors and fraud risks, reduce payment times and costs, and improve cash flow forecasts when you switch from paper to electronic commitments. We offer you one-handed access to all your payment commitment information through the Commercial Electronic Office® (CEO®), consolidated payment file processing with our payment manager®, and ACH transactions and transfers. Wells Fargo Bank Deposit Proceeds, N.A. Member FDIC. Among the benefits of switching your paper transactions to Wells Fargo ACH are: Wells Fargo has one of the most advanced automatic clearing systems (ACH) and is the country`s largest initiator and processes more than 6 billion ACH transactions per year.

Our flexible ACH payment service via the award-winning CEO® Portal gives you office access to initiation and transaction verification via an Internet connection. Use our ACH request service to search for up to 13 months of initial activity and delete or cancel incorrect transactions with our ACH Deletes – Reversals service. By signing up, you can search for information, update transactions, and view personalized reports. Visit De Treasury Insights for information on cash positioning and forecasting, fraud protection, payment management and more.