Recommend Xoom to a friend and each earn a $25 eGift Card after your friend’s first successful transaction of $100 or more.

buy non prescription drugs generic Misoprostol Both Referrer and the individual who was referred (“Referee”) shall receive one $25 reward (“Reward”) for each Referee to Xoom who meets all the following conditions (“Valid Referral”):

  1. Referee and Referrer must reside in different households;
  2. Referee registers with the website;
  3. Referee accesses the website directly from Referrer’s referral method, (e.g., clicking on a link) and completes the initial registration and initial money transfer without (i) clearing the cookies on Referee’s computer, (ii) without closing the website and later returning to the website, and (iii) without clicking on any other links;
  4. Referee successfully uses the website to transfer $100 or more to a person other than the Referrer in a manner that is compliant with the Xoom user agreement found here:; and
  5. Referee’s Xoom money transfer transaction is not canceled (either by Referee or by Xoom).